Working with you every step of the way

We're focused on offering a modern, consultative approach to recruitment. We provide up to date advice on the candidate market while delivering a fast and efficient service.

We have worked with businesses across Somerset & Devon for over nine years and have enjoyed developing great relationships with many of the great organisations who reside here.

We're always completely honest with our clients, and we take representing your company and brand very seriously. We really enjoy meeting with our clients and really get an understanding of the business, company goals and team culture. We use our knowledge about you to source the very best talent in the area.

We ensure we meet and vet all potential candidates before you see them - essentially, we regard this as the first-stage interview. We can work with you and help you understand the current candidate market, and inform you about what candidates are really looking for (not always money). This could be better work life balance, access to training or something unique to them. Our consultative approach allows us to get the best out of what you're looking for and match that with the right person for your team.

Once we have placed a candidate with you, we setup a schedule which includes a number of check-in meetings, candidate reviews and updates. This ensures the candidates are settling in well and gives you the chance to feedback to us. Think of us as an extension to your HR team.

Permanent Recruitment

Only pay us once we've placed a permanent candidate in your business. There is no upfront investment and therefore low-risk. You pay on results only and if you need to close the vacancy, let us know and we'll put our search on hold. If there's no placement, there's no charge.

Exclusive Permanent Recruitment

Same as permanent recruitment, but you give us a vacancy exclusively without working with another agency. In return we will offer you a free replacement service for an entire eight week period should the candidate not work out. Again, this is very low-risk and gives you even more peace of mind.

Contract Recruitment

We are able to offer you short term contractors to fill maternity contracts, holiday, sickness or peak periods in the business where extra support is required. We’ll make sure the contractor fully matches the skill requirements of the role and is a cultural fit for the business. Our contracts come with a fixed one off fee and the lengths include 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month contracts.