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Enable Futures

is a modern, leading independent recruiter providing exceptional services to candidates and clients across the South West.

Streamline Your Hiring Process.

Business owners have embraced our Outsourced Internal Recruitment on Subscription service for their key recruitment projects and ongoing hiring needs. Our service provides the benefits of in-house recruitment at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional methods, delivering exceptional results as if you had an internal team.

Recruitment on Subscription: What’s Included?

A recruitment team headed up by an experienced recruitment manager.
Expert job descriptions & advert writing.
Advice on benefits packages, and competitors.
Interview training & support.
Working onsite with you and your hiring managers.
A careers site.
Applicant Tracking System.
Unlimited candidate hiring.
All advertising costs are covered.
Absolutely no additional or hidden fees.

Typically, the cost to maintain a department encompassing all these services could exceed £170,000. With our model, you can enjoy all these benefits at just a fraction of that price.

Rebecca Griffiths

Founder, Managing Director

Meet Rebecca, our Managing Director. With over 14 years of experience and multiple awards, Rebecca is committed to providing outstanding and affordable recruitment services to businesses of all sizes and personalities.

With us, you can experience the best of both worlds with our outsourced, in-house recruitment support. We assist clients through our innovative approach - Outsourced Internal Recruitment on Subscription. Rebecca leverages her extensive in-house recruitment expertise to help develop recruitment strategies, enhance current operations, or manage significant growth initiatives!

Whether you need a one-off placement, a short-term contractor, or a recruitment campaign, Rebecca and her team can make the process effortless. We're passionate about working with inspiring companies and exceptional talent throughout Somerset, Devon, and Dorset.

When Rebecca is not working, she enjoys walks on the local coasts with her Cavapoo, Millie Moo, and her toddler, Ava.

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As your dedicated OIR Partner, our mission is simple: to reduce costs and save you valuable time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – developing your business.

Monthly Subscription OIR Fees:
*£1,500 per month = One candidate placement per month + OIR
*£3,000 per month = Two candidate placements per month + OIR
*£4,500 per month = Three candidate placements per month + OIR
*£6,000 per month = Four candidate placements per month + OIR
*£7,500 per month = Five candidate placements per month + OIR

Our Outsourced Internal Recruitment Platform offers various benefits to our subscription clients. However, if you prefer to hire employees on an ad hoc basis, you may not need to subscribe to our monthly services. We offer this option to clients who need to hire a few employees each year. In such cases, we charge a fee based on an agreed percentage of the employee's salary. The fee rate is flexible and depends on the nature of the role, our fee rates range between 10-15%.

“Enable Futures - gave me a future. After many years in retail I wanted a complete change and Rebecca found the right role for me, she was very supportive and helped through the whole process.”
Bridgwater, Somerset
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