How to be an engaging manager when managing remote or hybrid teams!

◼️Recognise work efforts- Employees appreciate the recognition of their efforts in the workplace. Therefore, major milestones should not go unnoticed. A lack of recognition can be demoralising, and few employees are likely to put in the same, or more, effort moving forward.

◼️Celebrate little moments - Recognising the little moments in the lives of employees, like birthdays, work anniversaries, and the birth of a child, can go a long way.

◼️Out of sight isn’t out of mind - Maintaining contact with remote workers by organising a virtual conference, lunch, or coffee session will ensure employees feel valued.

◼️Organise a work schedule and stick to it- Create a shared work calendar for the team and stick to it. Ensure it is possible to complete tasks within core work hours and don’t contact team members outside of them. Downtime is important for both physical and mental health.

◼️Awareness of new opportunities - Employees working remotely can lose sight of their career progression and may be unaware of new openings within the company. Managers should keep an eye out for opportunities – even if they don’t want to lose a team member!

◼️Outputs rather than inputs - Rather than focusing on employees fulfilling a certain number of working hours, managers should concentrate on them completing their assigned objectives. Employees must have a work-life balance.

◼️Positive work environment - Keep hybrid teams motivated by creating a cheerful environment, for example, through shared collaboration spaces like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


May 9, 2020
Rebecca Griffiths
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