Menopause and Employment

It is imperative that people aged 50 and over are active and valued in the work place. The working age population is getting older. We are living longer, so will we be working longer.

This report covers:

Why more needs to be done on menopause transition and workplace support.
What is the cost to government, employers and society?
Work is underway to build more evidence and support on menopause transition.
Key recommendations.
Support and resources currently available.

Download the PDF report =

Support and resources currently available: 

CIPD — The menopause at work: guidance for people professionals

CIPD in partnership with Bupa — A guide to managing menopause at work: guidance for line managers

Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians — Guidance on menopause and the workplace

Society of Occupational Medicine — Information and advice for employers including case studies

NHS Employers — Menopause and the workplace

Unison — The menopause is a workplace issue:guidance and model policy

ACAS — Menopause at work

LGA — Menopause

Business in the Community — Menopause in the workplace

Wellbeing of Women Workplace Pledge

January 3, 2022
Rebecca Griffiths
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