How to effectively make a job offer!

You have spent the time interviewing the short-listed candidates and now it is time to make an offer. At this stage you will be delighted by the prospect of selecting the best from a shortlist of strong candidates, but everything now rests on how you deliver the terms of employment which you’d like your new employee to start on. Now this is your final tool to attract top talent into the organisation, a great deal rests on getting this right.

Making the offer

The good news is our EnableFutures experienced consultants can assist you through this entire process. We can support you right from the initial meeting to discuss what you need, to writing the job advert for you and then making the offer itself.

It is very important that once a candidate has accepted a job by phone or email, they are then quickly informed by an official ‘offer letter’ of all the proposed terms of employment, salary, and benefits.

The candidate will have been to other interviews, and it is a very competitive market. This offer needs to satisfy the candidate that they are making the right decision in joining your business. A formal offer letter should therefore include the following:

The employee’s full name

The job title

The annual salary & an OTE is there is one

The start date agreed

Terms and conditions (if the job is permanent or short-term contract)

Benefits and other compensations

Conditions of any probationary period

You should request any documentation required regarding the candidates right to work

Make them aware of specific conditions to the role like background checks if required



Sealing the deal

A finalised offer will outline exactly what a candidate will receive and what is expected of them in the new role. It is key that the job offer matches the candidate’s aspirations and what’s important to them, so they feel excited and look forward to starting. Your recruiter will have matched candidates accordingly so this should already be aligned but is important for you to recognise.

Once the job offer has been made, the candidate may well decide to negotiate certain aspects of the job offer and package. Try to remain open minded about what can be negotiated. Top talent is limited and the benefit they will have to the company is often worth it.

This is the point where you are looking to seal the deal. Often, top talent will receive a counter offer from their current employer as a final bid to make them stay; you can read another article on how to deal with a counteroffer situation.

May 9, 2020
Rebecca Griffiths
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