How to create a standout CV & Cover Letter!

In order to create a great CV, it is important you understand exactly what the role entails and what the company are looking for. The job description will be really helpful. Here you can review information provided about the client, the key responsibilities and the description of a successful applicant. Through careful research of the company you can then apply the appropriate experience and examples of work to demonstrate your value in your CV.

✶ You may need to amend your CV slightly for each role you apply for. Each industry, sector, business and team can be completely different and will require a unique skill set. Therefore, you must highlight your industry knowledge and key technical skills for your own sector.

✔︎ You must always include a personal profile; this is your chance to grasp their attention quickly. Be sure to highlight the key points you would like to make that are sure to set you apart from the other applicants. If a specific qualification or certain level of experience is required for the role then include it in this profile.

➜ With regards to the layout of the CV it needs to be well structured. You should always have the most important information listed first. If your qualifications are key for the role then your education should be at the top, followed by your experience. However, if specific experience is very essential include your work history towards the top.

✶ The CV should include your contact details, profile, career experience, achievements, education and references.

✔︎ It can be useful to write a covering letter to support your application. Your covering letter is where you can expand on your experiences and achievements. If you have the details, then address the letter directly to the recruiting manager looking after the role. You can use their name and quote the job title and reference number.

➜ Now this is key bit of information - you want to always come across positive. You should talk about where you are in your career and what you want to achieve going forward. Don’t get caught up on negative reasons you are looking to leave a current employer.

✶ You will have already researched the company you are applying to; it is a good idea to mention them in the letter. You could state a reason why you would really like to work for them, something you saw on their website or on social media.

✔︎ You should also think about aligning your skills and experience and state in the letter how you could add a lot of value to the team.

➜ When closing the letter, you should reiterate your enthusiasm for the role and invite the recruiter to get in touch or make reference to a potential meeting.

May 9, 2020
Rebecca Griffiths
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