Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: recruiting and retaining talent by creating a positive and engaging workplace culture

Employees want to work for organisations they can be proud of. Pay is important, but there is also evidence that employees are, increasingly, expecting more than ‘just a job’. Whilst employees expect to be paid fairly, they are also looking for employers that encourage them to grow and develop their skills and careers, provide them with a sense of purpose and autonomy in their work, and live up to a clear and ethical purpose.

➜ This gives employers the opportunity to attract the talent they need by strengthening their employee engagement strategy.

➜ Organisations that engage their staff, through strong leadership and a compelling organisational story, have effective line managers at every level, listen to their employees and create a culture of trust, are more productive and profitable, more innovative, have high levels of safety, lower turnover and higher retention, lower absences, and higher levels of staff wellbeing. Read more by clicking on the REC link below!


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May 9, 2020
Rebecca Griffiths
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