The role of the employer Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for employers to grow their own talent. The employer provides an apprentice with real-life work experience and the support of a structured learning framework driven by the training provider. An HR/L&D apprentice pipeline can provide an employer with a development programme for their talent which meets the national standards of HR/L&D practice. As the employer you are required to: identify/recruit talent suitable for the apprenticeship vacancy ensure the apprentice undertakes real, productive work which gives them opportunities to access, develop, practice, and evidence the knowledge and skills required to meet the standard allow the apprentice to attend external off-the-job training and assessments as part of their paid working hours take part in regular reviews with the apprentice and training provider to review the apprentice's progress liaise with the training provider and choose the end-point assessment organisation ensure that the apprenticeship lasts for a minimum of 12 months, and that the apprentice is employed for the full duration of their apprenticeship (including the time required for the end-point assessment) confirm, at the gateway, that the apprentice is occupationally competent (according to the standard).

Choosing a training provider

To support an employee(s) through an apprentice you will need to choose a training provider and an end-point assessment organisation.

The training provider is responsible for:

  • developing a training programme and ensuring that this maps to the relevant standard, and a delivery mode that meets the needs of your organisation
  • ensuring apprentices are registered as student members with the CIPD (where the CIPD qualification is taken as part of the apprenticeship)
  • conducting an initial assessment of the apprentice and providing them with feedback
  • taking part in periodic reviews with you and the apprentice to review the apprentice's progress
  • contracting with an independent end-point assessment organisation on your behalf.

You can view the register of apprenticeship training providers here.


January 3, 2022
Rebecca Griffiths
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